• Have you moved? Here's how to update your address:

    Please contact your school or area Registrar when you move. It's important your information is up-to-date to receive communication from Parkway.

    To update your address, Parkway requests 2 proofs of residency. These documents should contain parent/guardian's name and address. See below

    1. Current real estate tax receipt, mortgage statement, deed or signed lease AND
    2. One other proof of residency such as: current unpaid utility bill, credit card statement, employer's record of address, bank statement, or governmental acknowledgment of address (i.e., Social Security, voter registration, etc.).

    You may bring these documents to your school or you may email them to your area Registrar listed below.
    To find your Registrar by school and area, please click here.

    If you do not have the requested documentation, or you do not rent or own property, please contact Cindy Wester at cwester@parkwayschools.net

    Cindy Wester, West area
    (314) 415-9055

    Trish Reynolds, Central area
    (314) 415-9054.

    Julie Schuhmacher, North area
    (314) 415-9051

    Melanie Byrkit, South area
    (314) 415-9053