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    Amazon Orders                                                                           

    The district is using Amazon Ghost P-cards through UMB Bank to pay for the orders.  This is an easier and quicker payment method.                                                       

    The Amazon Ghost P-Cards are:                                                                                                           

    • Not a physical card
    • Account numbers that will be tied to the specific school location, and entered into Amazon as a payment method
    • Only for Amazon purchases
    • Have a monthly credit limit of $3,500 (bid threshold set by Purchasing policy DJF)
    • Have a single transaction limit of $3,500 (bid threshold set by Purchasing policy DJF)
    • The Purchasing department will be responsible for entering this payment method into Amazon.  This will be the default method of payment.


    Approvers:   Each school will have an Administrator approving their Amazon orders. 

    • The Administrator will be the School Principal, unless that responsibility is delegated to another building Administrator.  This is to ensure that all purchases and funds allocated are approved by school adminstration.

    Payment Method:

    • The payment will be processed through the P-card module in Munis on a monthly basis.


    • Shipping Costs may be applied to items that are not prime eligible.  When selecting prime eligible, there is a free 2-day shipping if the order is above $50.

    Directions on processing Amazon orders

    NOTE: Purchases made from a Personal Amazon account will NOT be reimbursed.  All purchases need to be made through the Parkway Amazon Business account.