• The Academies at Central Middle: Flex 

  • Our Mission:
    Learners will become responsible owners of their learning in a flexible environment fostering choice, voice, and student-centered progress.  Flexible instructional strategies are based on the students’ personalized pathways in preparation for high school and beyond.

    Our Vision:

    • Provide an enriched learning environment in which students have flexible access to instruction, and they will co-develop personalized learning paths with teachers.  These paths are based on their interests, needs, future exploration, modern expectations of high school, and the approaching demands of the outside world.
    • Students will be given ownership, independence, and responsibility to choose when, where, and how their learning occurs with the careful guidance of our team of teacher facilitators and mentors. 

    Our Values:

    • STUDENT CENTERED: A clear understanding of each Learner in our Academy 
    • COLLABORATIVE: Co-development of pathways between the learner and educator to create a plan for high-level learning
    • FLEXIBILITY: Learning space and schedule are adaptable and allow students to work along their pathway efficiently and effectively
    • COMMITMENT: Multiple avenues of access to educators and support to master their goals
    • ACCOUNTABILITY: Rigorous clearly defined outcomes and relevant Instruction (Guaranteed Parkway Curriculum)

Flex Schedule

  • Characteristics of a Successful Flex Student: 

    • Motivated

    • Reflective

    • Flexible

    • Diligent


    • A developmental path unique to each learner

    • Increased independence

    • Mastery of Parkway Curriculum

    • Relevant learning experiences

    • Personalized transition to Middle School

    • Prepared for High School

  • Katlyn Heuvelman

    Sarah Oelke

    Lauren Moss

    Ashley Weidman
    Social Studies

    Joe Wall


    Parent Night Presentation