• Hello SVE Community,

    We hope this email finds each of you doing well.

    Your PTO Executive Committee has been working hard to update the bylaws that pertain to our PTO Executive Committee and the SVE membership as they have not been updated since 2018. As you can imagine, not only did this take a lot of time but it also allowed for some thoughtful conversations.

    After careful review, the bylaws have been approved by the PTO Executive Committee and are now available to the SVE membership.  Please take some time to read through the attached bylaws. We have also included a link below that will allow you to leave comments or questions that may pertain to a specific section.  

    Here is an outline of our timeline of events during this period:

    • March 8: Bylaws sent to SVE membership
    • March 8-April 1: SVE membership commenting period
    • April 15-19: SVE Exec Committee response period
    • April 30: SVE Community Meeting and bylaws Voting

    There are a few sections we want to make note of that had the most change:

    • Article III, Part 2, Part G - PTO Executive Board will now include the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Officer as part of the Executive Board
    • Article III, Part 3 - Officers shall serve for a term of two years
    • Article VI, Part 1 - Officers include DEI officer
    • Article VI, Part 2 - Officers shall be appointed to a two year term
    • Article IX, Part 2 - PTO Exec Board is required to meet 8 times per year

    Please mark your calendars for April 30 at 5:30 PM as we will be taking a vote to approve these bylaws. Only members available in person will be eligible to vote during this process.

    Below is the link that will allow you to give feedback on the attached bylaws:


    Thank you for your constant support of our school, our staff, the PTO, and most of all the students!

    PTO Executive Committee

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