Choice Programs

  • Spark!

    Spark! provides high school students in the Parkway School District with dynamic, immersion-based student learning experiences to ensure students can understand and respond to an ever-changing world.  Spark! is driven by the evolving needs of our global community, therefore instructors, business and community partners work collaboratively to develop all course curriculum.  The curriculum is dynamic, constantly adapting to follow community and industry trends and changes using a copyrighted rapid prototyping curriculum development process.  Current 10th and 11th grade students who are on track to graduate and have a desire to work in a project and problem-based real world environment with other Parkway high school students are eligible to apply.  The following strands are offered through Spark!

    • Bio Science
    • Engineering
    • Incubator
    • Pre-Professional Health Sciences Academy
    • Teaching & Learning
    • Technology Solutions


    Parkway Virtual Learning Opportunities

    Virtual learning or "Complete Virtual Learning" as it is often called, refers to a course that is taken completely online by the student.  The student does not attend a traditional "brick and mortar" school building to take a virtual course.  Communication with the instructor and other students is done primarily via electronic communication.  Virtual learning courses are available to any high school aged student enrolled in the Parkway School District.


    South Tech High School

    South Tech provides students with Career and Technical Education that prepares the student for their continuing education and the workforce.  All programs are half-day and allow students to take academic classes at South High and technical classes at South Tech.  The programs are available to students who are junior and seniors. 


    Fern Ridge High School

    Fern Ridge serves as an extension of Parkway's four traditional high schools.  Designed for students in grades 10 through 12 who perfer a small and personalized school setting, the program provides individual, small group, and whole group learning opportunities.  Teachers utilize Parkway curriculum and students receive Parkway credit.  Transportation is provided.

    Admission is based not only on the program's ability to meet a student's academic, social, and emotional needs, but also on a student's desire and level of commitment to be successful.  Applications and additional information about the program are located on the Fern Ridge website.

    Attending Fern Ridge is a privilege and space is limited.