Charter Bus Field Trip Overview

    Book Early! Reservations for Charter Bus trips should be made at least 60 days in advance if possible. However, reservations should be made as soon as a trip date is confirmed as this increases the likelihood of bus availability. (This can be up to a year in advance.)

    Schools/departments will be able to book their own charter buses without formal Purchasing bids for trips under $3,500.

    A list of pre-approved charter bus companies, including contact information, can be found below.

    Certificates of Insurance for each company can be found below.

    Requisitions must still be entered with all required documents.

    Trips that typically fall under $3,500:

    • Missouri and Illinois 1-2 day trips, with a single coach


    Follow the directions below for completing the form(s) and submitting request.

    1. Click on the needed form.

    2. Click download button  to download the form.

    3. Once the file is downloaded – do a file “Save As” and rename your file.

    4. Complete the form with all information needed for your request.

    5. DO NOT type anything in the “Bid #” field.

    6. Once the form is complete, DO NOT CLICK "SUBMIT FORM", click on the Save  save icon.

    7. For Charter Bus trips over $3,500 send an email to Jason Salzman, Jsalzman@parkwayschools.net, with the completed form and attach any needed documents.  


    When using a travel agency for a trip the Checklist for Travel Agency Charter Bus, click the link to open form, must be completed in order to receive district approval.  Please follow the steps in completing the process for a charter bus needed for a trip.


    Charter Bus Request for Bid Form, click the link to open form, this is required for all charter bus trips.  


    Checklist for Charter Bus Bid - Click on the link below to choose the appropriate checklist. 



    Parkway Approved Charter Bus Companies and Certificates of Insurance - Please check that the certificate of insurance hasn't expired.  Contact Jason Salzman to get the updated Certificate.


    If you have any further questions please contact Jason Salzman at 314-415-8254 or jsalzman@parkwayschools.net.