• MUNIS Purchasing meets the needs of multi-departmental organizations by providing a central focus for all external purchases.  Individual departments or schools enter requisitions electronically, with the available budget, commodity, and vendor data readily available.  Entering a requisition in MUNIS with an expense account will set aside ("encumber") funds in the General Ledger account.  Once requisitions are approved, they are forwarded to the purchasing department where they are converted to purchase orders.  The Purchasing programs are fully integrated with MUNIS General Ledger, MUNIS Budget and MUNIS Fixed Assets.
    • The Requisition Entry program accepts and processes requisitions, which are department or school purchase requests that precede purchase order issue.  In addition, the program may be used to check the status of any requisition or to reactivate a rejected requisition.
    • Available budget is displayed online during requisition entry and is updated online as each requisition is entered, resulting in information that is always current.


    • Originator is responsible for placing orders/requisitions, tracking approvals, keeping accurate records, printing approved POs, receiving deliveries, and processing payments for all requisitions/purchase orders.


    Approvers MUNIS Manual 

    Budget Secretary MUNIS Manual


    "Step by Step" instructions for Requisition Entry

    Video for  Requisition Entry

    Video for  "How to print a copy of a Purchase Order"