• Cite Your Sources


      Automatic Citation Guides: Be sure to double-check these; sometimes they make mistakes!



      Basic Rules for Formatting Your Works Cited Page

      An overall explanation of the formatting, spacing, indenting, etc. of an MLA Works Cited Page.

      Basic Sample of a Works Cited Page A visual example of what a completed Works Cited Page should look like.
      In-Text Citations (MLA) A brief handout on properly citing your sources within the text of the paper itself.  Also known as parenthetical or in-text citations.
      Electronic Sources 
      (including Library Databases)
      General format and examples for citing sources found online, including both web sites and library databases.
      Other Common Sources 
      (interviews, TV shows, podcasts, etc)
      Examples of citing interviews, podcasts, songs, digital files, and more.

      Print Materials:


        Periodicals (Magazines and Newspapers)

      Gives the general format and specific examples for citing print resources like regular books, magazines, newspapers, reference books, etc.
      Social Media Citation Formats Examples of citing Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.