Strategic Plan

  • Goal 1

    All students are learners who positively engage in an ever-changing world.

    Measurable Objectives

    Each student will…

    • ask and pursue meaningful questions.
    • transfer learning to new situations in and out of school.
    • seek to understand the views, values and cultures of others.
    • set, adjust and achieve goals to pursue a personal direction.
    • be kind and display concern for the well-being of self and others.
    • meet or demonstrate growth toward state and local academic benchmarks across all curriculum areas.

    Goal 2

    Attract, employ, develop and retain an exceptional staff dedicated to and representative of Parkway’s diverse community.

    Measurable Objectives

    • Parkway will be competitive in the education industry.
    • The diversity of our teachers, administrators and supervisors will mirror that of our students in all departments, programs and schools.
    • All employees will be effective in their role as measured by Parkway’s evaluation model.
    • Each staff member will engage in professional learning that positively impacts the achievement of Parkway’s diverse student population.
    • Employee retention will remain above the state and national average.

    Goal 3

    Responsibly and efficiently allocate resources including finances, facilities, personnel and time.

    Measurable Objectives

    • Each school, department and program will maintain ethical and fiscally responsible practices to effectively accomplish mission.
    • All personnel, time and resources will be allocated responsibly and flexibly based on mission-related needs of students and the financial reality of the district.
    • Each school, department and program will successfully integrate environmentally, socially, and fiscally sustainable best practices into their area of focus.