Degrees and Certifications:

Kathy Scheff

I have always had an interest in science from a very young age.  I really enjoy the outdoors and have a tremendous curiosity about the world around me.

One of my goals in working with students is for them to rekindle or develop that curiosity about the world around is EVERYWHERE!

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Biology at Saint Louis University in 1993.

While earning my degree I worked as a lab technician for two years, working on sequencing the DNA of soybeans that were resistant to nematodes.

I then had an internship at the St. Louis Zoo where I worked with a reproductive biologist and participated in a number of various reproductive studies.

I earned my teaching certification from the University of Missouri-St Louis in 1996.

I started teaching in the fall of 1996.  These are the courses I have taught over the last 23+ years: Bio 1: Cells & Variation, Chem 1: Matter and Change, Honors Biology 2-3, and Concepts of Chemistry 2-3.

I earned my Masters of Secondary Education in 2003 from the University of Missouri- St Louis.

I have taken additional classes after earning my masters degree (well over 30+ hours of credit) and continue to look for opportunities to learn strategies and information to help students in their learning.

I want my students to see that their teacher still has a love of learning and hopefully that will transfer to them as well.