• Q: How do I make and appointment with my counselor?
    A: stop by the counseling office and ask either secretary to schedule an appointment for you



     VISITING BEFORE YOU APPLY- While it is recommended that you visit a school before making your final decision, you DO NOT need to visit a school prior to applying. Many of you have this concern, but I (and many college admission reps) assure you this is not true. Instead, you can utilize virtual campus tours, videos, and college social media sites to help you assess each option.


    FINANCIAL AID- We will be holding a Financial Aid Night on November 5 from 7-8 in the theater. Please come with questions! You are always welcome to make an appointment with me at any time to discuss your questions surrounding financial aid. The colleges you are considering also have helpful representatives available to answer detailed questions. FAFSA4caster is an amazing resource for families to estimate their potential financial aid packages.


    CHECKLISTS, DEADLINES- Each institution has their own deadlines and expectations and it is the student's responsibility to communicate these to the Guidance Office. However, we are happy to help you access this information in the Guidance Office as well.


    # OF SCHOOLS- There is no hard and fast rule as to how many schools should be on your final list. That being said, application fees can add up, and applying can take up time and energy during an already busy year. So, my advice is 3-10 schools that vary in cost, size, distance, and selectivity.


    Come on in! I will be hosting a number of workshops during Ac Lab this year. When possible, I will even have a table at lunch for questions.

    Not up for a face-to-face right now? Email me at cwills@parkwayschools.net.