Master Project List


    Building Projects Totals
    Maintenance & Repairs  
    Doors & Windows $1,914,401
    Electrical Power & Lighting (Interior & exterior) $2,271,360
    Exterior Walls $209,258
    Flooring $2,000,000
    Mechanical (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, & plumbing) $17,956,215
    Pavement (Includes parking lots, drives, sidewalks, exterior ramps, & exterior stairs) $10,579,069
    Roofing $6,907,971
    Site improvements (Includes retaining walls, fences, athletic field equipment, etc.) $92,261
    Safety, Security, & Health  
    Add Safety Film To Door Glazing For Improved Security (to slow intruder breaking through glass. $66,000
    Add Fire Spinkler Systems For Improved Safety and Building Safety Code and Fire Safety Code Compliance $6,823,775
    Miscellaneous American WIth Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance $600,000
    Miscellaneous Building Safety Code and Fire Safety Code Compliance
    Add Doors To Classroom Pods At Bellerive (infill wall opening and provide doors to improve lockdown security) $76,776
    Renovations To Aged Nurse's Offices $1,066,677
    Replace CCTV Security Systems At Middle & High Schools For Improved Safety and Security $1,275,051
    Replace Classroom Door Locks For Improved Security (provides ability to lock doors from within the classroom) $1,540,000
    Replace Aged Emergency Generator At Administration Building (increase size of generator to operate entire building) $190,129
    Replace Aged Fire Alarm Systems For Improved Safety $5,644,678
    Replace Aged Main Entry Door Access Systems For Improved Security $909,416
    Replace Aged Public Address/Intercom Systems For Improved Safety $2,398,022
    Replace Aged or Building Safety Code Deficient Stairs Guards & Handrails for Improved Safety $500,000
    Expand Storage Area Network For Additional Database, Media, And Application Data Storage Requirements $700,000
    Expand Wireless Infrastructure For Greater Coverage And Increased Number Of Devices That Can Connect At Same Time $1,100,000
    Replace Aging Novell Network Operating System With Microsoft Network Operating System $170,000
    Upgrade Aging Application Servers In The Data Center $300,000
    Upgrade Network Switches To Increase Data Bandwidth Available To Classrooms $700,000
    Science Area Renovations  
    Renovations To Science Areas At All Middle Schools $9,085,000
    Additions and Rennovations  
    Renovations/Additions At North High To Physical Education/Health Wing And Kitchen/Food Serving/Cafeteria Area $7,553,779
    Renovations/Additions At North High To Fine Arts Area And 2nd Floor Classrooms Of Fine Arts Wing $6,228,554
    Minor Renovations At Aging Buildings $2,000,911
    Music & Fitness Addition At Central Middle $1,121,369
    Renovations At Highcroft Ridge To Partition Classrooms $1,901,061
    TOTAL BOND ISSUE $93,993,285