FREE CHOICE:            7:00-8:35

    MORNING MEETING:   8:45-9:00

    SNACK:                      9:00-9:20

    Music and movement:  9:30-945

    Outside:                      945-1030

    Meeting:                     10:30-1045

    Centers:                     10:45-11:45

    Story time:                 1145-1200

    LUNCH:                      12:00-12:30

    NAP/ REST TIME:        12:30- 2:50

    Quiet activities for those who do not sleep

    or wake up early!

    SNACK:                       3:00-3:15

    AFTERNOON MEETING: 3:15-3:30

    OUTSIDE:                    3:30-4:30

    FREE CHOICE:             4:30-6:00



    These times are flexible.  The weather and other events may effect the times of the schedule.  We do go outside every day unless below 30 and windchill.  If it is raining we will stay inside.  

    We try to go to the library once a week for story time.  Every year this day and time may change.