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  • Ed Simon Ed Simon has been Director of Orchestras and Music Department Chairman-Team Leader at South High School for the past 17 years. He has been teaching since 1985 and is proud to be associated with this award-winning music department and staff.

     The award-winning Symphonic Orchestra has performed for the Missouri Music Educators' Conference in 1999, 2005 and 2008 and has performed by invitation at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Hall. The total orchestra program travels extensively each year and has toured to cities such as Toronto, New York, Boston, San Antonio, San Francisco, Colorado Springs, Nashville, New Orleans, Seattle, and Chicago.

     Visit the Orchestra Parents Organization for additional information on trips, events, fundraising and more.


    Plan Time: 

    1st Block (7:35 - 9:05)

    2nd Block (7:35 - 9:05) 

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  • Red Day

    Block 1- Plan Time

    Block 3- Piano 1

    Block 5- Piano 1

    Block 7- Chamber Orchestra


    Blue Day

    Block 2- Plan Time

    Block 4- Academic Lab

    Block 6- Concert Orchestra 1, 2

    Block 8- Symphonic Orchestra