• Missouri Early Learning Standards

    The time in our classroom is filled with experiences that are liniked to the Missouri Early Learning Standards. These standards were developed by the Missouri Department of Elemenatry and Secondary Education. The preschool standards are designed to meet the developmental needs of your child now and provide a strong foundation for your child's kindergarten year. By teaching these standards, we are ensuring that the children in our program are growing into capable, curious, caring, and confident learners.

    The following links will give you more specific information about each area of learning and development:



    Social / Emotional



    The Parkway Prechool follows the Project Construct Curriculum. In this constructivist environment, the learning is experience-based, student-driven, and developmentally appropriate. The children learn to work collaboratively with each other and learn to be lifelong problem solvers.

    Active hands-on learning takes place throughout our classroom. The learning centers provide the children with opportunities to:

    • explore and experiment
    • problem solve
    • make decisions and choices
    • investigate personal interests
    • role play
    • create
    • interact with peers and teachers

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