• The Missouri Early Learning standards help to drive our curriculum in the classroom, while taking into account the needs of our individual children in a constructivist environment.  Click on the links below to learn more about our learning goals.







    Physical Development, Health, and Safety




    Social and Emotional





    What do children learn in our classroom?  Here are some examples:



     Art Experiences


    To explore different media and develop concepts


    To demonstrate their creativity, express themselves, and respect their own creativity


    To develop their own self-image and self-esteem


    Small and gross motor skills




    To question, explore and experiment




     Sensory Experiences


    To understand the physical properties of different substances


    To develop problem-solving abilities


    To build a foundation for an understanding of math and science


    To develop fine motor control


    To create and build with different materials




     Writing Center


    To develop as a writer


    To enjoy writing and sharing their writing


    Proper use and care of writing tools


    To demonstrate their creativity, express themselves and respect their own creativity


    To develop fine motor skills






    To question, explore, and experiment


    To solve problems and gather information


    To explore characteristics of living things


    To take objects apart and put them together


    To describe and predict order of events




    Math and Games


    To sort, classify, number, etc.


    To work with peers to generate ideas and solve problems


    To remember and follow rules


    To develop an understanding of various numerical relationships


    To develop an understanding of numerals and math symbols




    Block Play


    Cooperation and social development


    Mathematics; classification, order, numbers, etc.


    Science; balance, trial and error, inductive reasoning


    Language; shapes and sizes, labeling


    Visual perception and spatial relationships




    Library Center


    To enjoy reading and listening to books


    To develop as a reader


    The proper use and care of books


    To add concepts to experience


    To increase knowledge and ideas




     Pretend Play


    To express ideas and feeling through pretend play


    To cooperate and play with others


    Use language to pretend or create


    To use language to communicate ideas and feeling


    To respect and care for play materials