• Birthday Bag Information

    We are excited to be a part of every child’s birthday celebration at Henry School!

    In lieu of treats or items to be passed out to the class, each child will receive a small white paper
    “Birthday Bag.” In this bag, they can bring an appropriate item to school that they would like to tell
    their class about. It could be something they are proud of, something they like to do outside of
    school, a drawing, etc. Your child could alse decorate the outside of their bag with crayons or markers 
    if they want to.

    Each child will have the opportunity to showcase what makes them unique and talk about something
    they like. It gives their classmates a chance to possibly learn something new about your child!

    This tradition follows our Leader In Me focus and it celebrates all students’ strengths and interests.

    Please send in the birthday bag on or just before your child’s birthday.  Thank you!