• Ms. Bence Hello, my name is Jennifer Bence and I am excited to share our year together!  I grew up here in West County, graduated from Visitation Academy in 2001, and attended college at the University of Kansas where I earned my degree in Early Childhood Education.  I student taught Kindergarten in Kansas City, and then was the lead teacher in a Pre-K Special Education Classroom for the Lawrence School District.  In 2010, I decided to fly south for the winter and ended up staying in West Palm Beach, Florida for 5 years where I taught Special Education and 2nd grade at Hagen Road Elementary.  My first year back to St. Louis, I taught Kindergarten at River Bend Elementary, and last year I fell in love with my Kindergarteners at Mason. 

    While the beaches and sunshine were wonderful, they couldn’t warm my heart like being close to my family!  I am the only girl in my family with 3 brothers living in London, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles.  I love when all “my boys” come home to visit! 

    Mattie Outside of the classroom, I enjoy crafting, napping, and hiking with my two dogs.  Both are four year old lab mixes named Millie and Matthias and they are my “babies.”  Mattie was born albino which has caused him to be deaf and loose most of his vision.  You would never know with the way he runs around with the help of his “seeing eye sister.”  The two are inseparable and love being spoiled by my parents here in St. Louis (as do I!).  

     I look forward to partnering with your family as we begin this adventure.  

    Sincerely, Jennifer Bence