• Student carrying books How long can I keep things I check out?

    • Books may be borrowed for 2 weeks.
    • Past issues of magazines may be checked out for 1 week.


    Other materials and resources:

    Audio books

    Audio books for titles taught in the Comm. Arts curriculum are available for use in the library.

    Popular book titles are available as MP3CD’s to check out.



    You have 100 pages of printing per semester. Limited photocopying and color copying for academic purposes are also allowed--see library staff for assistance.


    Google help

    Having trouble with Google? Librarians can reset your Google password or help you with any Google apps and extensions.


    Multimedia Stations

    We have 2 multimedia workstations with Adobe Master Collection and scanners that are available for student use.


    Home/Remote Access to Library Resources

    Once logged in to your Parkway Google account, you can access many of the library resources from anywhere. Most library databases will not require a password from school but will require a password from any other location. You can view a complete list of database passwords by logging into your Parkway Google account and visiting the Database Password Page.


    Book Club!

    Epsilon Beta Library Club

    Epsilon Beta is a club for high school students interested in books and taking on leadership roles related to the library. Its official name is Episcopi Tes Bibliothekes, “Keepers of the Library.” The club will meet one time per month after school, and one time per quarter during Academic Lab. Activities of the club may include the following:

    • Meeting to talk about books.
    • Skype sessions with authors.
    • Reading books to younger students.
    • Helping to organize fun library events.
    • Promoting the library within the school.
    • Improving library services for the PCH community.

    See a librarian if you would like to join.