Social/emotional development is an ongoing focus in our classroom. The children learn to identify a variety of emotions and learn strategies for responding to different emotions. We teach lessons in mindfulness as a way to help regulate those difficult emotions. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to what is happening in the present moment. It is a way of noticing thoughts and emotions. Practicing mindfulness leads to a decreased sense of anxiety and an increased sense of calm.

    We focus on the following throughout the school year:

    • Learning to have a calm and mindful body
    • Learning to use mindful breathing (We also call it taking a deep breath or a belly breath.)
    • Learning to calm and steady our minds
    • Learning to focus our attention so we are better able to concentrate

    The theme that is interwoven through all the lessons, as well as continuing throughout the school year, is empathy. Our goal is to help the children understand others and find ways they can show kindness to others.

    The Character Education program used by Parkway Preschool is called "Parker's Promise" and consists of four core values.

    • Take care of myself.
    • Take care of others.
    • Take care of my home and school.
    • Take care of my world.

    You may view our classroom blog to see these practices in action! blog.seesaw.me/parkwaypreschool


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