Start a New Technology Project

  • Technology Project Management Office (PMO) aims at providing a district-wide approach to identifying, prioritizing, and executing technology projects that align with the District’s Mission and Vision.

    The PMO was created to ensure that:

    • Projects are well planned, scoped, scheduled, and executed.
    • Project completion dates are met.
    • Projects are completed within budget.
    • Projects are resourced appropriately.

    The goal of the PMO is to utilize project management best practices in a way that encourages cross departmental collaboration and standardization.

    A Project Initiation Form should be submitted for any technology-supported projects.  

    Examples of such projects includes but is not limited to:

    • Equipment and/or software which requires access to the district’s network (wired or wireless).
    • Equipment and/or software which requires the technology department resources (staff or student data, server capacity, etc.).
    • Equipment and/or software which requires technical expertise from technology department personnel.

    Contact Information

    Deanna Murrel
    Technology Project Manager
    (314) 415-8102

    Bob Cranston
    Support Services Manager
    (314) 415-8170

    Ray Kurczynski
    Project Support Specialist
    (314) 415-8145