Bid and Board of Education Thresholds

  • The Technology Project Manager will schedule an initial meeting with the requester to discuss the project.  The outcome of this conversation will determine whether this project will need to go to bid (RFP) based of Board policy DJF/BP as outlined below.

    • Less than $3,500 no formal bids.  (Must ensure best price and best value is obtained)
    • $3,500 - $7,500.00 phone / email bid
    • $7,500 - $15,000 written bid
    • Great than $15,000 sealed bid and Board of Education (BOE) approval is required
    • Multi-year agreement only require BOE approval if the sum of all years is greater than $15,000.
    • Professional Services require BOE approval if greater than $15,000.
    • Contracts greater than $15,000 require BOE signatures
    • Contracts less than $15,000 can be signed by the district’s Chief Financial Officer