Proposition S will NOT increase the tax rate.

Summary of Projects

  • Maintenance and Repairs

    • Doors and windows $680,000
    • Electrical power and lighting $3,005,000
    • Exterior walls $310,603
    • Flooring $2,400,000
    • Wood gym floors and bleachers $2,045,327
    • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing $20,171,406
    • Pavement (parking lots, drives, sidewalks, ramps and exterior stairs) $7,688,622
    • Roofing $13,809,813
    • Retaining walls, fences, athletic fields, equipment and tracks $3,668,590
    • Energy reduction/generation, stormwater runoff, mowing and irrigation reduction $4,000,000

    Maintenance and Repairs Total $57,779,361

    Safety and Security

    • Add fire sprinkler systems for safety and building/fire safety code $1,922,628
    • American With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance projects $600,000
    • Add walls and doors to classrooms at Bellerive to improve lockdown security $1,235,000
    • Extend walls and add doors to classrooms at Wren Hollow to improve security $2,550,000
    • Extend walls at Hanna Woods to improve lockdown security $934,000
    • Double security cameras at elementary schools for improved safety and security $216,000
    • Replace door locks for security (ability to lock doors from within the rooms) $513,930
    • Add secure vestibules at main entrance with double-entry doors at all five middle schools and all five high schools (vestibules will be added to elementary schools and Early Childhood Center using operating funds) $3,817,000
    • Add intruder-resistant security film to vulnerable entrances and windows $500,000
    • Add canopy over sidewalk at West Middle for improved safety $257,097

    Safety and Security Total $12,545,655

    Technology Updates

    • Replace aging analog telephone system with digital system $4,000,000
    • Replace aging classroom technology: smartboards and document cameras $4,000,000

    Technology Updates Total $8,000,000

    Classroom, Restroom, Library, Health and other Renovations/Additions

    • Renovate West High fine arts area and classrooms $2,282,000
    • Renovate aging restrooms $2,200,000
    • Renovate middle school libraries $460,000
    • Renovations to North High to begin phase two of master plan $7,315,000
    • Convert Instructional Services Center (ISC) to McKelvey primary school to address overcrowding $7,494,115
    • Maintenance and repair projects at ISC $4,309,549
    • Renovate Fern Ridge science classroom, nurse and counselor areas $1,624,000
    • Renovate nurse’s areas: Oak Brook, Northeast Middle and Early Childhood $500,000
    • Renovations/additions at South Middle to create classrooms and office space for staff displaced from ISC $5,489,000

    Classroom, Restroom, Library and other Renovations/Additions Total $31,673,664

    TOTAL BOND ISSUE $109,998,680