• Sustainability Goals

    Parkway School District is commited to instilling a culture of resource conservation and sustainability at our schools. Both inside and outside the classroom, we aim to spark student’s curiosity and empower them with capabilities to create a more sustainable future.


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    Energy Efficiency

    A 20% energy reduction by the year 2025 will significantly reduce financial costs and emissions.  Achieving this goal will be accomplished with increased efficiency of equipment, proactive conservation behaviors, the expansion of renewable energy technologies, and ongoing analysis of district energy use.      Parkway Energy Report

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    Water Conservation

    By conserving water throughout our district, we seek to achieve 20% water use reduction by 2025.  Reducing water consumption not only saves water, but reduces the associated energy required to treat water to make it safe to drink.  This goal will be achieved through conservation practices, upgrading plumbing fixtures, and capturing rainwater for later use. 

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    Waste Reduction

    Reducing, Reusing, Recycling, and Composting waste at a rate of 70% rather than landfilling materials by the year 2025 will ensure that resources are provided another useful life thereby reducing environmental impact.  This goal will be achieved by repurposing items that still have a useable life along with maximizing recycling and composting systems already in place.

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    Sustainable Outdoor Environment

    Students and staff that regularly engage in outdoor environments have improved wellness opportunities and an increased understanding of the world around them.  Transitioning green spaces to native landscapes or produce gardens enhances our outdoor environments while furthering learning opportunities. 

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    Sustainability Learning

    Increasing opportunities for students to engage in sustainability topics will further develop systems thinking problem solving skills.  This will spark student’s curiosity and empower them with capabilities to create a more sustainable future.

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    Health and Wellness

    Healthy schools and wellness practices ensure that all students learn in an environment conducive to achieving their full potential.  This goal aims to engage students and staff in more health and wellness activities while improving the indoor environmental quality of our schools.


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