• In-Person Summer Learning Attendance Guidelines

    Students are expected to attend in-person Summer School daily for the duration of the program.  

    Regular attendance is required for course credit at the high school level.  High school students who miss more than two (2) course classes, regardless of whether excused, unexcused, or due to suspension, will be dropped from the class and not earn credit.  Chronic tardiness or missed class time due to behavior issues may also be recorded as an absence.

    Summer Attendance Guidelines

    If a student is less than 30 minutes late to a class, it is recorded as a tardy.

    If a student is more than 30 minutes late to a class, it is recorded as an absence.

    3 tardies = 1 absence

    After June 20, 2022, students who voluntarily drop or are dropped due to attendance will see the course(s) listed as Not Completed (NC) on their high school transcript.

    Extenuating circumstances may cause a student to miss more than two (2) course classes during summer school.  Doctor appointments, athletic camps or vacations are not considered extenuating circumstances.

    If a student needs to appeal an absence, the appeal must be submitted online using this form.  In such cases, documentation must be provided before any absences may be waived.  No appeals will be allowed after summer school has concluded. 

    Please contact Marvin Byrd ( or Travis Fast ( with questions regarding attendance and appeals.

    Asynchronous Virtual Summer Learning Attendance Guidelines

    Students in asynchronous virtual classes will be expected to attend a check-in meeting with their instructor the first week of the summer term.  Teachers will communicate meeting dates/times through Schoology.  There will be several meeting options available.  

    Students must log-in to their virtual courses by June 17, 2022.  Students who fail to do so will be automatically dropped from their course on June 18, 2022 and will not be able to re-enroll during the summer term.