• Parkway Attendance Boundary Adjustment

    The Parkway Board of Education unanimously voted to approve a boundary change adjustment at its November 2019 meeting.

    Why are some of Parkway’s attendance boundaries changing?

    Two elementary schools in Parkway have met, or are projected to exceed, their enrollment and classroom capacity while other schools nearby have room for more students.

    This inequity makes it increasingly difficult to provide a high-quality education for all students in Parkway. In order to re-balance enrollments among the schools involved, Parkway recommended boundary adjustments to two elementary schools. This redistributes students more evenly while helping the overcrowded schools get the relief they need.

    There are five total neighborhood planning units impacted across the district, and approximately 130 students and families impacted.

    Which Parkway schools are impacted? Click the following links to see the maps of the neighborhoods that will be affected.

    Craig Elementary
    Shenandoah Valley Elementary

    When would the changes take place?

    The new attendance boundaries will take effect beginning with the 2020-21 school year for current Craig and Shenandoah Valley elementary students.

    Are any other schools impacted?

    Three other elementary schools - Highcroft Ridge, McKelvey and Ross - will receive new students in the boundary change.

    How do I know if I live in an area affected by a boundary change?

    Families who are impacted by the proposal have been contacted directly. For detailed maps, click on the name of your school above, or contact your school for more information.

    What area neighborhoods are involved?

    The changes will affect the following seven neighborhood planning units in Parkway in the manner indicated below.

    Moving from Craig Elementary to Ross or McKelvey:

    This will connect subdivisions and apartments that are currently split.

    • Pavilion Apartments (from Craig to Ross)
    • Bennington Heights Apartments (from Craig to Ross)
    • Glenwood (from Craig to McKelvey)

     Moving from Shenandoah Valley Elementary to Highcroft Elementary:

    • Baxter Oaks, The Estates at Baxter Lane and Brandywine Condominiums
    • Schoettler Village Apartments

    If I live in an area that’s being moved, do I have a choice to remain at my current school? In other words, is there a “grandfathering” provision?

    Craig and Shenandoah Valley Elementary students (changes begin for the 2020-21 school year).

    Current Grade 2019-20 Options for Special Assignment and Transportation
    K-3 If a student wants to remain at the current school, a request for special assignment must be completed and will be approved only if space is available. Siblings who currently do not attend the school will not be able to apply for special assignment. If approved, transportation will not be provided to stay at the current school.
    4 Students have the option to receive a one-year special assignment to stay at their current school for 5th grade, which will automatically be approved under the grandfathering provision. Transportation will be provided. If a 4th grader has a younger sibling(s) who currently attend the school, special assignment will be granted for the sibling(s) for one year only and transportation will be provided.
    5 5th graders are not impacted by the change since they will move on to their currently assigned middle school next year.
    Pre-K or not currently enrolled Special assignments will not be considered for students who are not currently enrolled. All new students enrolling in Parkway who reside in the impacted areas will begin attending the new schools, according to the new boundaries, as soon as they enroll.

    Do these changes impact the middle and high school where my child will attend?

    No, the changes are specific to elementary school attendance. After elementary school, students will continue with their currently assigned middle and high schools.

    What if my child is currently attending another Parkway school under special assignment? Will current special assignments continue to be honored?

    Yes, however, all special assignments must be re-submitted annually for approval.

    Will the boundary changes impact Parkway’s existing class size targets?


    When did the school board make a decision on the boundary change proposal?

    The school board voted (7-0) in favor of the boundary change proposal at the November 13 Board of Education meeting.

    How can I get more Information?

    Boundary Adjustment Proposal video (October 22, 2019)

    Boundary Adjustment Proposal slides (October 22, 2019)