Print Shop

  • 363 North Woods Mill Rd   
    St Louis, MO 63017

    (314) 415-8240

    The District Print Shop is here to handle the printing needs of schools, as well as the administration and support staff.  We also provide print options for Parkway PTO groups, as well as other miscellaneous groups and organizations associated with the Parkway School District.   

    Parkway Schools and offices should check with the Print Shop prior to outsourcing any job.  Please call the Print Shop at (314) 415-8240 with any questions.

    Things we can handle now or should be able to in the near future include:

    • Standard Color and Black & White printing
    • Letterhead
    • Saddle Stitched Booklets - Course Guides, Memory Books, etc up to 100 sheets
    • Comb Binder Booklets - Buzz Books, Memory Books, etc
    • Posters - 8.5” x 11 to 24” x 36”
    • Banners - up to 2’ x 10’
    • Note Cards - thank you cards, invitations, reminder cards, etc
    • Note Pads - half sheet, quarter sheet, and special sizes 50 - 250 pages
    • Envelopes - #9 and #10, windows or w/o windows
    • Paper Cutter - 18” wide and cuts 2” to 18” deep
    • Laminator
    • Single Sheet Folding Machine
    • Business Cards

    Placing an Order - To place an order, simply fill out the Print Request Form found on the left side of this website.  Include your name, building, phone number, account code, job description, date required, and amount of copies requested.  Put any special instructions on the line titled Special Instructions.

    For groups that don’t have an account code, please call the Print Shop at 415-8240 to discuss your job, when you need it by, and how payment will be completed.  Please note that payment is due upon delivery.  Payment options are a district account code, cash, or check.  We are unable to accept credit cards.