Class of 2022


    Dr. Kate Piffel
    Assistant Principal
    Mrs. Laura Cibulka
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    Freshmen Parent Meeting:

            If you were not able to attend the meeting, please check under "Helpful Documents" on the left side of the page to download anything you may have missed. We also have extra envelopes in our office if you would like to send your student by to pick one up next week! 






    • Begin the school year with the four-year plan you created in 8th grade; look toward choosing a challenging college-prep curriculum that meets your post-high school goals
    • Begin to think about what you might do after high school
    • Maintain good attendance, grades, and citizenship 
    • Make a commitment to one or more extracurricular activities or a job – find clubs sports, activities, organizations to join
    • Take the 9th Grade Practice ACT Test
    • Create a portfolio (a file or folder) and/or a Log book; keep samples of excellent school work, copies of report cards, special awards, letters of recommendation, and any other materials that document your successes and achievements
    • Look into registering for the A+ Program – program funded in Missouri that, if qualified, will pay for tuition at 2-year Community Colleges and/or Tech Schools in Missouri 
    • Look into summer academic programs or internships that might be of interest
    • Evaluate your academic program: grades received and courses that you have taken or will take. Are you still on track for meeting your goals? Have your goals changed? If so, re-think your program
    • In order to meet grad requirements, consider summer school, Parkway Virtual, or online courses




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