Teacher: Ms. Carrie Aydt          Email: caydt@parkwayschools.net          Classroom phone: 314-415-5578


    Teacher Assistant: Mrs. Rhonda Collins


    Social Worker: Mrs. Kristen Hughes



    Course description: KEYS (Keeping Every Youth Successful) is a course offered through Special School District to address social and emotional needs of students with an individualized education plan.  This is done through psycho-educational groups that help students gain ways of coping with emotions that can impede academic achievement. Students receive a pass or fail grade and an elective credit for KEYS.



    What KEYS is ...


    • A class that will teach an evidence-based curriculum to gain skills to regulate emotions.
    • A classroom where a trusted adult is always available to listen to you.
    • A comfortable place to express thoughts and feelings without judgment.
    • A resource to help challenge thoughts and behaviors that cause stress, anxiety, and prevent class attendance and academic success.
    • A location to access:  during scheduled times, when experiencing strong emotions, in the A.M. (before school begins), in-between classes, during lunch, and during assemblies.



    What KEYS is not ...


    • It is not a place to hang out when the core class teacher is not covering any new material or when class is doing nothing.
    • It is not a location to sleep or rest when a core class is going on.
    • It is not a study hall (academic time is granted at the discretion of the teacher).

    PWHS KEYS Course weekly agenda:

    • Monday: Group
    • Tuesday: IC grade check; discussion
    • Wednesday: Group
    • Thursday: Group
    • Friday: Activity



    PWHS KEYS entrance routine (when bell rings)

    • Remove binder from shelf
    • Complete self-rating sheet
    • Complete feelings id
    • Be prepared for group discussion

    PWHS KEYS grade is based on:

    • Participation in group
    • Adherence to listed daily class routines



    PWHS KEYS exit routine

    • Finish conversation or activity
    • Return Binder to shelf
    • Clean up your space
    • Exit when bell rings