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     I am pleased and excited to be apart of the Bellerive community as the School Counselor for my third year!!  

    My guidance will be with grades 2, 3, 4, and 5 .  I do get a chance to mingle with Kg and 1st as well :) . I will be conducting monthly classroom guidance lessons, facilitating small groups and individual check-in(s).  I am greatly looking forward to our partnership in building capable, curious, caring and confident leaders. 


    My mission is to enrich the lives of those around me

    with the knowledge I acquire on a daily basis. 

    I will help nourish the growth of positive consistency,

    through leading by example to better empower the lives of tomorrow!!


    Feel free to call (314.415.6058) or email me!


       “Children may forget what you say,

    but they’ll never forget

           the way you make them feel”.      

                                         ~ Maya Angelou