Activity:  Advocacy Club
Description:  Advocacy club members work together to learn about ways to make an impact in their community around the issues they care about. We host events to learn about issues, how to lobby, and invite in guest speakers and local lawmakers.
Meetings:  Every other Wednesday during 1st module of AcLab
Sponsor:  Erin Fluchel 314-415-5598
More Information:  Leah Schroeder is student contact.

Activity:  Asian Based Celebrations Club
Description:  To spread awareness on asian issues as well as racial injustices against everyone through teaching about different countries and their cultures.
Meetings:  Every 2 weeks on Wednesdays at 2:30 pm in room 3411.
Sponsor:  Mr. Chazen
More Information:  Student leaders are Serena Liu and Suraiya Saroar.

Activity:  Badminton Club
Description:  A fun, active opportunity to meet new people while playing badminton.
Meetings:  Wednesdays at 2:30 pm in the grassy area near the softball field.
Sponsor:  Aaron Bashirian
More Information:  Student leader Emma Kilpatrick.

Activity:  Best Buddies
Description:  The Best Buddies program provides opportunities for one-to-one friendships between individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD and their general education peers. Our mission is to form meaningful and lasting friendships for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with their peers, work on self-advocacy and communication skills, and feel valued by their school community.
Meetings:  Once a month during AcLab in room 2318.
Sponsor:  Jessica Bowman
More Information:  Student leader is Faith Reusch

Activity:  Blue Crew
Description:  Student Spirit Organization
Meetings:  Various Athletic Events
Sponsor:  Annie Wayland
More Information:  Twitter: @pwestbluecrew Instagram: pwestbluecrew

Activity:  Book Club
Description:  Share your love of reading with other book lovers! Read a variety of genres and meet to discuss.
Meetings:  First meeting of the school year is on Sept. 22 during module 1 of AcLab in the Library.
Sponsor:  Lauren Reusch
More Information:  Student leader is Elle Rotter

Activity:  Captain's Council
Description:  Captains Council is a group of student-leaders who promote sportsmanship and school spirit through organized student-body activities at various athletic events.
Meetings:  TBD/ room 3406
Sponsor:  Annie Wayland, Jeff Duncan
More Information:  @PWestCC

Activity:  Chemistry Club
Description:  To prepare for Battle of the Burets and Chemistry Olympiad in addition to labs and demonstrations missed during virtual learning. More activities and ideas will be developed as the club continues to evolve.
Meetings:  During AcLab Module 1 on the first and second Wednesdays of the month.
Sponsor:  Kim Tarpey and Chloe Gallaher
More Information:  Noah Schell and Alan Song are student leaders

Activity:  Crafting With A Cause
Description:  The purpose of this group is to raise awareness of people in need through the donation of well-made crafts created by high school students.
Meetings:  Twice a month during AClab from 9:25-10 am in the library
Sponsor:  Lauren Reusch
More Information:  Naira Ali is student organizer.

Activity:  Drama Club (Theatre Department)
Description:  This organization works together to explore opportunities related to technical and performance theatre.
Meetings:  1st Wednesday of Every Month from 2:45-3:30 Monthly Meeting Zoom Link:
Sponsor:  Amie Gossett
More Information:  Theatre Department Important Information can be found on the Theatre Department Google Classroom (code to join: bdhjyzc)

Activity:  Drawing Club
Description:  Come enjoy the relaxed, welcoming environment of Drawing Club while learning how to draw and/or sharing your own drawing styles with others. You must bring your own paper and dry drawing tools: pencil and eraser, pens, or markers.
Meetings:  Every Friday during the 2nd module of AcLab in Room 3100.
Sponsor:  Kat Briggs
More Information:  Student leader is Rainier Neuwirth-Deutsch

Activity:  Esports
Description:  In esports, we play Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and League of Legends. To make time for both games we play Super Smash Brothers Ultimate September through December and League of Legends February through May. For League of Legends, we are partnered with Missouri Scholastics Esports Federation (MOSEF) and we compete against other schools in the Missouri area. Email if you are interested
Meetings:  SSBU: Social Studies Concept Center (3415) on select AClab days LOL: Social Studies Concept Center (3415) Wednesdays from 3:00-5:00 pm or on select AClab days (subject to change)
Sponsor:  Brianna Valentine
More Information:  Student Leaders for League of Legends: Dylan Ryan and Quincy Robbins. Student Leaders for Super Smash Brothers: TBD

Activity:  Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) (non-school sponsored)
Description:  A place where athletes can meet athletes from other sports and connect and grow in their sport and faith in Jesus Christ.
Meetings:  Monday evenings, dates and times vary. See poster on Non-School Sponsored Board near Cafeteria for more information
Sponsor:  Courtney Brockmeyer and Kelly Kennedy
More InformationSign Up, Twitter

Activity:  Feminist Club
Description:  Our purpose is to advocate and educate for equal rights and respect for women and men.
Meetings:  The Feminist club meets every-other week on Tuesday mornings at 7:10 a.m. in the Social Studies Concept Center. The next meeting will be Sept. 28.
Sponsor:  Lara Boles
More Information:  Student leaders are Mira Nalbandian, Nikita Bhaskar, Luisa Lazarini @pwfeminist

Activity:  Fishing Club
Description:  A club for fishing enthusiasts.
Meetings:  TBA
Sponsor:  Zaven Nalbandian
More Information:  Student leader is Sam Smout.

Activity:  French Conversation Hour
Description:  Advanced French conversation to improve interpersonal speaking skills including using an online tutoring site (iTalki) which members will pay for.
Meetings:  1st Wednesday during AcLab 1st Module in Room 3301
Sponsor:  Blair Hopkins
More Information:  Student leader is Thomas Bruns

Activity:  Funsize Film Club (Theatre Dept.)
Description:  Are you interested in film making, acting, directing, filming, editing, script writing? Funsize Film Club may be for you!
Meetings:  TBD
Sponsor:  Amie Gossett
More Information:  Information about this group can be found on our FunSize Film Google Classroom (class join code: kmgxlqd) and on the Theatre Department Google Classroom (class join code: bdhjyzc)

Activity:  Future Nurses of America
Description:  This group focuses on why students should look into nursing as a career. We will look at colleges with strong nursing programs and explore the vast opportunities within the nursing profession.
Meetings:  Meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month from 2:35-3:15 pm in Room 2309
Sponsor:  Jessica Wheeler
More Information:  Student leader is Kathryn Wind.

Activity:  German Club
Description:  To celebrate German Culture, spend time with fellow German learners, and promote the German program at Parkway West.
Meetings:  The first Wednesday of the month during 2nd module of AcLab in room 3313.
Sponsor:  Christie Staszcuk
More Information:  Ashleigh Morelli is student leader

Activity:  Global Perspectives Club
Description:  strives to provide a place where people can come together and celebrate different cultures. We want to be an open zone where people can talk about who they are, where we can learn from each other, and become better citizens or our globalized world. In club meetings we will listen to people share about their cultures, and we will also discuss issues that pertain to diversity, multiculturalism, ethnic discrimination, and globalization.
Meetings:  Zoom meeting at 9 am every other Tuesday beginning on Sept. 8
Sponsor:  Debra Klevens
More Information:  Student leaders are Santiago Lugo and Zina Alsheklee.

Activity:  Go With The Flow
Description:  To provide hygiene products to West High students in need and the Parkway Food Pantry. Providing students with access to women's health info and general empowerment of young women.
Meetings:  TBD
Sponsor:  Kim Hanan-West
More Information:  Student leader/organizer is Anna Newberry.

Activity:  IHL Club (Red Cross International Humanitarian Law)
Description:  Advocate and raise awareness for human rights. Our goal is to educate people in our school and community about International Humanitarian Law through student led projects and leadership. IHL is a set of laws that regulates armed conflict and seeks to protect the rights and humanity of those involved, such as prisoners of war and citizens.
Meetings:  TBD
Sponsor:  Lara Boles
More Information:  Rachel Bhagat is student leader

Activity:  Jazz Club
Description:  Bringing Jazz to a wider range of people making it available to those who aren't taking the class. To improve skills and have fun exploring the Jazz language.
Meetings:  Every Tuesday and Fridays when sponsor is available at 2:40 pm in the Band Room 1115.
Sponsor:  Brian Parrish
More Information:  Student organizers are Anya Lewinski, Alyssa Summers, and Aaron Hall.

Activity:  Key Club
Description:  To provide opportunities to build community at West High School and within the public community.
Meetings:  TBA day/time- room 3306
Sponsor:  Andria Benmuvhar
More InformationTwitter

Activity:  Lacrosse - Boys (non-school sponsored)
Description:  The Parkway West Boys Lacrosse Club, also known as West Lacrosse, is an organization dedicated to providing middle and high school boys the opportunity to play lacrosse competitively. We participate in the Missouri Scholastic Lacrosse Association (MSLA). High school boys lacrosse follows the National Federation of State High School Associations rules.
Meetings:  High school lacrosse practices Monday – Friday from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. during the spring season.
Sponsor:  Pete Stirling
More Information:  Webpage: Twitter: @pwestlax

Activity:  Latin Club
Description:  The purpose of Latin Club is to encourage further enrichment of the culture, history, and language of the ancient Romans for the whole student body and to have fun.
Meetings:  Two mornings a month in room 3303
Sponsor:  Tom Herpel
More Information:  Student leaders are Claire Folkins, Caroline Bergh, Mary Hardy, Claire LeDuc @pwestlatinclub on Twitter

Activity:  Link Crew
Description:  Freshman year-long transition program to West High. 10th & 11th graders by application only in the spring. Upperclassmen welcome, mentor, and help transition incoming freshmen and new students (delete please) to West High and the high school environment. Students will meet with mentors throughout the school year during Common Ground as well as during various social activities. Link Crew carries the ideals of West High throughout the students' entire high school career.
Meetings:  Room 2407 Mr. Mooney's room.
Sponsor:  Patrick Mooney, Patrick Troy, Brian Parrish
More Information:  @PWestLinkCrew

Activity:  Longhorn Council
Description:  Longhorn Council is an organization that puts on different events through out the school year to promote School Spirit, Giving Back to the Community, Giving Back to the School and getting involved at West High.
Meetings:  Tuesday Mornings 7:10 - 7:30am Room 2411
Sponsor:  Susan Anderson Emily Lovercheck
More Information:  Student leader is Caroline Bergh

Activity:  Longhorn Sports Productions (LSP)
Description:  This organization covers live broadcasting & streaming of sporting events around West High for Fall & Spring Stadium Sports, as well as Winter Gym Sports. We focus on Sports video production, digital animation, graphics creation for these events.
Meetings:  Contact sponsor for meeting/work schedule
Sponsor:  Amie Gossett
More Information:  If you are interested in joining, please email Mrs. Gossett for more information.

Activity:  Math Contests - None during 1st quarter
Description:  Missouri Math League, Atlantic/Pacific Math League, Continental Math League: Euclid Division, Pythagoras Division, Calculus Division, Excellence in Mathematics Contest, American Mathematics Competition, AMC Math Madness
Meetings:  Room 2407 Mr. Mooney's room
Sponsor:  Patrick Mooney
More InformationWeb Page

Activity:  MAV (Mountains & Valleys)(non-school sponsored)
Description:  MAV is a student-led non-denominational Christian group that focuses on how Jesus Christ can offer peace in your ever-changing teenage world of ups and downs. All are welcome.
Meetings:  Tuesdays 6:45-7:15 am in Room 3208
Sponsor:  Shannan Cremeens
More Information:  Student leaders are Ryan Whorton, Grant Patten, Sarah Griege, and Ashlyn Gillespie.

Activity:  Mindset Matters
Description:  Mindset Matters will work to bring students together to spread the positive force of the growth mindset;to introduce strong foundational leadership principles to inspire sustainable student leaders for now and the future; to support our community through dedicated service; to discover the power of "yet"; and to empower students through character-building activities.
Meetings:  1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 3:15 pm on zoom .
Sponsor:  Patrick Troy
More Information:  Contact student leaders Brinda Ambal, Paige Matthys-Pearce, and Sydney Slaven for meeting details.

Activity:  Music Discussion Club
Description:  We will talk about all genres of music.
Meetings:  September 29 Ac Lab during 2nd module in room 1113.
Sponsor:  Ed Sandheinrich
More Information:  John August Gordon is student organizer.

Activity:  National English Honor Society
Description:  The National English Honor Society is for 10-12 grade students passionate about English Language Arts, who want to serve our West High community in this area, and have minimally a 3.0 in English classes. Applications will be available from your English teacher at the end of August.
Meetings:  The National English Honor Society is for 10-12 grade students passionate about English Language Arts, who want to serve our West High community in this area, and have minimally a 3.0 in English classes. Applications will be available from your English teacher at the end of August.
Sponsor:  Andria Benmuvhar, Diana Lurkins
More Information:  Student leader is Santiago Lugo

Activity:  National Honor Society (NHS)
Description:  This group creates an enthusiasm for scholarship, to foster the habit of service to others, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage character development. Students with a career GPA of 3.6 are invited to seek membership during the second semester of 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. Applicants provide evidence of extracurricular involvement, service to school, and leadership. Inducted students must continue to uphold the standards of leadership, scholarship, character, and service.
Meetings:  1 Wednesday a month 7:10 am in the Library.
Sponsor:  Francisco Navarro, Erin Fluchel
More Information:  Nikita Bhaskar is student leader ... Website ... Application Help

Activity:  National Speech & Debate Association (NSDA)
Description:  West's award-winning competitive speech and debate team is open to anyone who wants to express themselves in interscholastic competitions. Through myriad performance options, we practice in order to compete with schools in the area. We will help you build style, reasoning, and confidence within a welcoming team environment.
Meetings:  Practices are flexible; Competitions on weekends
Sponsor:  Cara Borgsmiller
More Information:  Student leaders are: Santi Lugo, Kayvon Rezaei, Paige Matthys-Pearce, Noah Schell Twitter: @pwestdeb8, Instagram: @pwestdebate

Activity:  Parkway West Band Program
Description:  Concert, Symphonic, Jazz, and Marching Bands
Meetings:  Both curricular and extra-curricular opportunities
Sponsor:  Brad Wallace Joel Fischer
More Information:  @pwhsbands

Activity:  Parkway West Mental Health Awareness Club (formerly Every Mind Matters)
Description:  This group strives to give students a safe environment to learn about, discuss, and conquer the stigma associated with mental illness. We will have speaker presentations, student led seminars, and fundraising events to benefit mental health organizations across St. Louis
Meetings:  Monday mornings at 7:00 am in Counseling College and Career Center.
Sponsor:  Tom Herpel Chris Lorenz
More Information:  Rachel Bhagat is student leader Join club at

Activity:  Physics Club
Description:  This club will prepare students to take competitive physics exams such as TEAMS, Physics Bowl, and Physics Olympiad.
Meetings:  2nd Wednesday of the month during AcLab Mod. 2 in
Sponsor:  Alison Dwyer
More Information:  Student leader: Audrey Ghosh

Activity:  Poetry Club
Description:  Sharing different perspectives of poetry and learning how to unite different kinds. Monthly poetry performances. Enjoying poetry.
Meetings:  First meeting will be on Friday, April 22 during AClab in the Library
Sponsor:  Brian Welch
More Information:  Student organizer is Dana Zafarani

Activity:  Politics Club
Description:  The goal of this club is to create a space for productive political discussion between those anywhere on the political spectrum.
Meetings:  Wednesdays during Academic Lab, 2nd Module in the Social Studies Concept Center.
Sponsor:  Jeff Chazen
More Information:  Marrisa Liu, Trisha Manna and Mira Nalbandian are student leaders.

Activity:  Psi Alpha - Psychology Honors Society
Description:  Honor society for students interested in the field of Psychology. Mission is to enhance understanding and knowledge of the science of psychology, how psychology benefits society, and career opportunities available in psychology.
Meetings:  TBD
Sponsor:  Chris Lorenz
More Information:  Student leader is Rachel Bhagat

Activity:  Quantum Computing Club
Description:  Want to learn the basics of quantum computing, and participate in quantum hackathons? This is the club for you!
Meetings:  First Tuesday of the month at 2:45 pm in the 3rd floor computer lab.
Sponsor:  Jason Rooks
More Information:  Raj Jaladi is student leader.

Activity:  Racquetball (non-school sponsored) Season is typically October thru February. Practice begins soon. (early Sept.)
Description:  ·At the high school level, racquetball is a club sport. Like all club sports, the school recognizes the sport but does not sponsor it. ·The league is governed by the Missouri High School Racquetball Association (MOHSRA). Visit for league news and schedules.
Meetings:  Boys practice at Wild Horse Fitness Girls practice at Chesterfield Athletic Club
Sponsor:  Coaches are Mike Williams for the boys and Steve Slutzky for the girls.
More Information:

Activity:  Robotics Team
Description:  The WHS Robotics Team is a competitive after-school co-curricular activity. Our overarching goals are to: engage students in authentic, student-centered, team-based experiential learning; positively impact students’ attitudes towards STEM concepts, classes, and career choices; enable educational experiences that cultivate critical and creative thinking; help prepare our future workforce and prime the STEM career pipeline. NOTE: The robotics team is geared toward preparing for and competing in VE
Meetings:  Informational meetings on 9/22 and 9/29 from 2:45-4:00 pm in room 0502 (Technology and Engineering digital lab on lower level next to shop)
Sponsor:  Chris Donaldson
More Information:

Activity:  Rubix Cubed
Description:  Rubix Cubed will teach participating students how to reliably solve a rubix cube. Along with that, the club will be a place for Rubix Cubers to practice their skills. Finally, this club will host a Rubix Cube competition.
Meetings:  Two even-dated Wednesdays every month during Ac Lab (second module) in Room 1415 (Mr. Shade's classroom).
Sponsor:  Greg Schade
More Information:  Waleed Abdulla is student leader.

Activity:  Scholar Bowl
Description:  Academic Challenge Competitions Scholar Bowl is a fun way to challenge yourself in a team setting.
Meetings:  TBD Meetings are announced on the daily announcements. Meetings are held in room 2402 after school, at least once a week.
Sponsor:  Patrick Troy
More Information:  Twitter @WestScholarBowl

Activity:  Stand Up 9
Description:  A program in which freshmen students are trained to serve as teen tutors and drug free advocates for their school community. Students are recruited to become Pavers and will attend a one day leadership academy aimed at developing skills to become better leaders, advocates, and teachers of younger students.
Meetings:  Applications go out in October
Sponsor:  Tommie Rowe
More Information:  Deborah Hilke is contact at the district level. Her contact info is

Activity:  Women of West
Description:  To raise awareness for women's issues through communication and activities and support programs that serve and empower the women of West High and our community.
Meetings:  First Wednesday of the Month (9:10 am - 9:40 am) - in Room 3207
Sponsor:  Courtney Brockmeyer Colleen O'Toole Darla Maynard Lauren Reusch Shannon Cremeens
More Information:  Student leaders are: Esther Ji (12) Jeshna Karparthi (12) Minhal Tariq (12) Isabella Surtin (12) Instagram: pwestwow

Activity:  Yarniacs Club
Description:  To encourage creativity in fiber arts and general craftiness. Students will bring their own projects to work on. In the winter months, we will make and donate items to shelters that are in need of things like blankets and hats.
Sponsor:  Alex Fehlig
More Information:  Lee Lee Priem is student leader.