Pillar of Parkway

  • What is a Pillar of Parkway?

    A Pillar of Parkway is someone who:

    • has made a long-term commitment to Parkway (5 years of service minimum is suggested)
    • demonstrates consistent leadership and exceptional performance
    • motivates and inspires others
    • goes far beyond what is expected in their role
    • exemplifies the ideals of their role
    • is an active and positive role model
    • has vision beyond the immediate
    • has provided extraordinary service to the Parkway community

    Persons eligible for the Pillar Award include:

    • classroom teachers
    • nonteaching professional staff members and administrators 
    • citizens and volunteers, such as PTO members, members of other Parkway support groups and residents who have made a significant contribution to the district
    • classified (support) personnel, such as transportation, food service, maintenance, custodial, secretarial and clerical employees
      (In some cases, it may be appropriate to nominate operations/support staff for a Light of Parkway award, which is specifically designed to recognize operations/support staff. Learn more about the Light of Parkway Award here).
    • current Parkway Board of Education members are not eligible
    • self-nominations are not eligible
    • groups and students are not eligible

    Nomination information:

    • Be as detailed as possible and provide examples.
    • Quality counts. One well-written nomination can be more influential than multiple nominations for the same person. If a group is nominating an individual, only one nomination form should be submitted.
    • Use a separate form for each person you nominate.
    • Nomination forms must be received no later than 5 p.m. on Monday, February 14, 2022.
    • Nominations by current students are not eligible.

    Click for the nomination form (NOTE: Previous winners cannot be nominated. Please check the previous winners lists below before nominating someone.)

    Pillar Winners from 1972-1989 (.pdf)

    Pillar Winners from 1990-1999 (.pdf)

    Pillar Winners from 2000-2019 (.pdf) 

    Pillar Winners from 2020- Present