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    Give 4 November is back! We have the opportunity to give back to our four district partner charities during one season of employee giving! 
    As Parkway employees, we have historically supported the following four partner organizations in our community that benefit our students and families. Based on employee feedback, we can Give 4 November to any or all four of our partners at one time and we now have more convenient ways to give.

    • Parkway Alumni Association
    • Parkway Early Childhood Foundation
    • United Way
    • Arts and Education Council of St. Louis

    Everyone who gives will receive a Give 4 November sticker to wear or stick on your Parkway staff badge in November! 

    One way to Give 4 November is a $4 donation per month - choose which charity or charities you want to support with your $4. Or, donate $4 per month to each if you choose! Choose how you want to give:

    • One of the easiest ways to make your gift is through payroll deduction. When you complete your open enrollment this year in SmartBen, you will have a chance to choose your gift. Your gifts here will be deducted from your paycheck and donated to the charity or charities based on the amount you choose.
    • To give by cash or check, give this form to your school rep by November 30.
    • Or, use the links below to give online to any or all of our partner organizations.

    Together, if we all Give 4 November we will continue to support our partners and their ongoing commitment to Parkway students, families and our community! Learn more about our partner organizations below.

    Parkway Alumni Association
    The Parkway Alumni Association is committed to using 100 percent of your generous donation for the benefit of Parkway students, staff and alumni. This year, we awarded $18,000 to 240 Parkway students through the Granting Dreams program. Students used their grants for many exciting and diverse educational purposes, including computer coding classes, Space Camp at the St. Louis Science Center and musical instrument purchases. Many of these students could not afford their dream without a grant from the PAA - your gift can make it happen! When students are learning more about things they love, their leadership, confidence and sense of responsibility grow.
    Give online here.

    Parkway Early Learning Foundation
    Every penny raised for the Parkway Early Learning Foundation goes directly to help our own Parkway students with preschool tuition for families who qualify. The first five years of a child’s development are critical for building healthy brain architecture. Our foundation ensures ALL children have access to high quality early education regardless of financial barriers. We are getting our Parkway kids ready to enter your classrooms. Thanks for your support!
    Give online here

    United Way
    More than $1 million each week is invested in this community to help people through United Way. Forty-five percent of the agencies United Way funds have some type of program or service that serves children and youth. These services could include child care, education, adoption, abuse prevention, mentoring, counseling, scouting or recreation. When you make a gift to United Way, you aren’t supporting one cause or one agency. You’re supporting a wide range of services that help people with a wide range of needs because United Way is here for the entire community.
    Give online here

    Arts and Education Council
    The Arts and Education Council believes the arts are critical to shaping a more vibrant community for all. They spark innovation, inspire our kids, build bridges between cultures, stimulate our economy and enrich lives, creating a ripple effect of positive change across St. Louis. Your gift supports programs that reach nearly 100 arts organizations and 1.6 million adults and children in the bi-state region each year. Plus, for a gift of $50 (less than $5 per month), get an ARTS Card to access great discounts at arts events year-round. Keep art happening with a gift today.
    Give online here.