• What are the plans for bus transportation?
    In order to effectively plan for bus routes that allow for maximum social distancing, families need to request bus service this year. Due to social distancing guidelines, it is highly recommended families provide their own transportation to school. If a child currently has transportation written into their IEP plan, the IEP team will work with families to make the most appropriate decision for your student.

    How will school arrival and dismissal look with more families driving to school?
    School arrival and departure times will remain the same. Arrival and dismissal can provide a challenge with large numbers of students congregating, making it difficult to physically distance. Therefore, schools will communicate a plan that allows for multiple entrances that are safe for students to use during arrival and dismissal. Signs will be placed at all entrances and exits reminding students to physically distance themselves from their peers. Students will be asked to walk directly to their homeroom or first class when they arrive each morning. Congregating in communal spaces will not be allowed.

    What health precautions will be taken to minimize the risk for my children on the bus?

    • Bus drivers, aides and students will wear face masks on school buses
    • Seats will be assigned to students with the goal of one student per seat, when possible, and no more than two students per seat
    • Buses will be cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals; high-touch surfaces on the bus such as handrails and seats will be disinfected after every route
    • To limit student contact, students will enter the bus and fill seats from back to front; at school or stops, students will exit the bus from the front to back; students in the same family will sit together
    • Drivers and aides will remind students of safe riding practices; signage also will be on the bus to remind students about safe practices
    • Windows will be open, when possible, to increase the circulation of open air.

    What can I do to help minimize the risk for my children on the bus?
    Every student should wash their hands before getting to the bus stop in the morning and afternoon. Hand sanitizer will also be available on school buses. Please ensure your child is wearing a face mask.

    How will Parkway Transportation staff establish protocols to disinfect?
    All personnel will be trained in sanitizing and disinfecting protocols. Facilities and buses will be disinfected multiple times throughout the day.

    Will students be able to ride home on buses with their friends?
    No. Students can ride to and from school only on their assigned routes. This practice will limit exposure and allow us to track who is on the bus each day/route.