• Will elementary children have recess?
    Yes! Outdoor physical activity is very important for students. We will be encouraging students to engage in physical activity that allows for physical distancing while playing outside.

    Will the playgrounds be open? Will all students go to recess at different times?
    Yes, our playgrounds will be open for students to use during recess. We will be encouraging opportunities for students to go outside. It will be necessary to stagger groups of students on the playground in order to maintain social distancing whenever possible. Frequently touched surfaces on playground equipment will be disinfected by our custodians on a regular schedule and students will be instructed to wash their hands after recess.

    Will students need to wear masks while outside?
    When social distancing is possible, students will not be required to wear a mask outdoors. When students are interacting closely with others, face coverings will be required.

    Will students have more outdoor activities and learning?
    Teachers are encouraged to use frequent outdoor activities and learning to the degree possible.