Southwest Middle School PTO - Reimaged

  • Sentinels

    PTO Meeting March 7, 2018!  Southwest Middle School @ 7:00pm   



    We, with Connections and Partnerships, we are looking increase the way we can be useful to the school.

    Connections: (past topics)

    • Screenagers":  Teens use and addition to electronic devices - film by pediatrician, Dr. Delaney Ruston
    • Heroin Epidemic: 


    Our PTO goals are simple...

    • To promote the welfare of students and of the total learning community of Southwest Middle School.
    • To bridge home and school community, allowing parents and staff to cooperate more intelligently in the
      education of students.
    • To unite efforts between educators and the general public to secure the highest advantages in physical, emotional, social, moral, and academic education for every child.


    All parents of the students at Southwest Middle School are members of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).

    Please attend our PTO meetings. This is a great opportunity to find out what's happening at the school. Click on "Calendar" above for dates.Your involvement is greatly appreciated by your PTO Board, staff and the students.


    Thank You!