• Greetings from Dr. Baugus



    Dear Central Middle Families, 

    Happy November! One of my most treasured activities as an administrator is meeting with students in a variety of small and large groups throughout the school year. During the month of November, I will continue that tradition by facilitating meetings with groups of students from all grade levels. This time provides me an opportunity to connect with students and gain insight, from their perspective, about how we are doing as a school. I value their thoughts and opinions because it is important that their educational experience at Parkway Central Middle School be the best. It is truly a privilege to be a part of their educational development and watch them mature during their three years in our building.

    Last month I challenged you to be “irrationally crazy” about your child with three points; 1) believe in them, 2) share that they have purpose, and 3) ask questions and listen with intent. I followed my own advice with my three children this past month and found it to be very beneficial. Hope you had similar success.

    This month, I would like to continue the discussion by highlighting our student and staff goals for the school year. We are very excited about 2019-2020.

    The faculty will focus our efforts on the following three goals for students:
    • All students will develop a greater sense of belonging to our school community and report that they are physically and emotionally safe.
    • All students will take ownership of their learning through individual and common goal setting and progress monitoring.
    • All students will meet or demonstrate growth towards rigorous curricular goals, as measured by assessments within Parkway and provided by the state.

    In addition, we decided to also hold ourselves accountable for the following three goals for staff:
    • We will develop meaningful and professional relationships with the Central Middle community so all members feel physically and emotionally safe.
    • We will systematically assess, monitor, and respond to the needs of ALL students.
    • We will utilize the Professional Learning Community process to positively impact teacher instructional effectiveness and student achievement.

    I appreciate seeing so many of you during the Parent-Teacher Conference Night in October. Your thoughts regarding the positive feel in the building and effective communication between students, parents, and staff support our goal to ensure student and parent connectivity to school. A number of parents commented that they would like to attend the next PTO meeting which will occur on November 12th starting at 6:30pm at Massa’s restaurant for a “Parent’s Night Out” event. This format is open for parents to socialize with one another and talk with me. I hope to see you there!

    I would also like to express a sincere “Thank You” to the many parent volunteers who have been working in the Library, running the magazine fundraiser, helping at the Book Fair and throughout the building. I encourage more parents to get involved: one day, one hour, one field trip or one class presentation in your area of expertise. We appreciate every parent for your continued support and comfort level communicating with our staff.

    “Respect your fellow human being, treat them fairly, disagree with them honestly, enjoy their friendship, explore your thoughts about one another candidly, work together for a common goal and help one another achieve it.” This quote by Bill Bradley puts into words what we are accomplishing at Central Middle – a true sense of togetherness centered on all students succeeding. I welcome your presence at Central Middle to share in our journey!

    Have a wonderful November!