• Greetings from Dr. Baugus




    “Helping children grow into happy, productive adults is one of the most

    fulfilling challenges life offers.”

    - Author Unknown

    Dear Parents,

    It has been a tremendous year watching our students develop and achieve milestones.  Academic and social growth is evident by the number of students who have achieved honor roll status and outstanding citizenship.  I marvel at our accomplishments at the state level in competitions such as math, spelling, and geography, as well as our spring drama performance, the district art show, and all the musical concerts.  I hope you can attend these upcoming performances: the band concert on May 1st, the orchestra concert on May 2nd and the choir concert on May 15th.  I also want to applaud the large number of students in our building who have completed service projects this year as it is a real demonstration of their character development, along with our 8th grade Robotics Team who competed in the World Competition at the end of April.  We consistently receive positive comments about our students from the staff members, parents and visitors in our building.  I am very proud of the students at Central Middle!

    Many important people play major roles in providing leadership and encouragement to our students.  Involved parents, grandparents and family members are vital to our school community, both at home and as volunteers in our building.  Parents have been responsible for watching over our front desk, assisting in the library, beautifying our school and fundraising to enhance the culture and climate for our students.  I thank you for your endless support! In addition to our fabulous parents, Central Middle is fortunate to have teachers and support staff who care about children. They are dedicated to learning through professional development opportunities in order to provide optimal experiences for students to learn.  It takes a team of committed people to make a school successful. I am thankful for our partnership in what I believe is the most important job in the world – educating children.

    I wish the best for our eighth graders as they move into the next phase of their schooling.  I congratulate Dr. Bergner and Mrs. Campbell on the high level of commitment they have given to their students.  We will miss our eighth graders, but know they are ready for the transition to Central High. The seventh-grade group, under the leadership of Dr. Lorenz and Ms. McBride, has risen to the challenge of becoming leaders in the building centered on character development, and I am proud of their commitment and vision.  Our sixth graders have blossomed and were in great hands with Dr. Eikel and Mrs. Besand. Students appear comfortable and happy at Central Middle! 

    Mark your calendar for these very important testing dates:  

    *May 1st ~ EOC and Math MAP Testing for all grades (8:50 am-11:00 am and 1:00 pm -2:30 pm)

    *May 2nd ~ English Language Arts MAP Testing for all grades (8:50 am-11:00 am and 1:00 pm-1:45 pm)

    *May 3rd ~ Make-Up Testing (if needed)

    *May 7th ~ Science MAP Testing for 8th grade (9:30am-12:30 pm) and ELA MAP Testing for 8th grade

    (1:00 pm-3:10 pm)

    Please note the following strategies that you can do at home to help our students as they strive to do their best:  (1) talk about the importance of the tests with your children, (2) help them get a good night’s sleep, and (3) provide a healthy breakfast in the morning.  At school, we have provided students the necessary instruction and information about the assessment format they will encounter on the Missouri standardized test.  During the testing time, we will ensure a classroom atmosphere conducive to concentration. As a result, we will not call into classrooms while students are testing, so please schedule appointments outside of this testing window.  We hope to keep a strong focus throughout the testing period which will be completed by May 9th with make-up tests.

    This May/June Newsletter is being sent not only to parents of our present students but also to the homes of the fifth-grade students who will join us next year and their parents.  We are excited to start the middle school journey with all our new students and families in August. Welcome to the Central Middle Family! 

    Please take special notice of these two items:

    (1) Parkway moved to a paperless report card system for grades 6-12 several years ago.  Parents new to the middle school will need to contact Mrs. Tina Sheppard, school secretary, at 314-415-7815 to set up an Infinite Campus portal account if you have not already done so.  

    (2) Please mark August 8th on your calendar.   We will have our Open House from 5:30 – 7:30 pm this evening, before the start of the school year.  We invite parents and students to join us that evening in an “open” format to meet staff, learn grade level curriculum and expectations, walk through the building and socialize with friends and families.  Additionally, District Personnel will be here that evening to assist with Chromebook registration and insurance. This information will need to be completed before students get their Chromebook the first week of school.  More information regarding the evening will be in the August newsletter which you will receive via email on July 31st.  

    If you have questions about Central Middle and the coming year, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.  I always enjoy talking about our school and how we can collaborate to make a difference in the lives of our students.  

    Every year at this time I am reminded of one of my favorite bumper stickers.  It reads, “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.” From the biggest middle school kid in the building, enjoy these last days of the school year and have a fabulous summer break!