• Greetings from Dr. Baugus




    I would like to congratulate the following staff members from Central Middle for being nominated for Teacher of the Year:  Lindsey Katz, Melissa Sommerfeld, Tara Temple, and Courtney Varner. I am very proud of all our nominated staff members as each one of them is a talented educator and committed to student learning.  Congratulations to Parkway Central Middle’s 2019 Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Tara Temple. The following was written about Tara on her nomination form:

    Educator Extraordinaire. Team Player. Students’ Champion. Professional Leader. Mathematician. These are some of the titles that should be added to Tara Temple’s business card. First and foremost, Tara works tirelessly to ensure that each and every student in her classes reaches their potential and beyond. She strives to see that she meets every student where they are on Day 1 and pushes and pulls them to the finish line by Day 178 so that each student makes progress in Math and is ready for the next chapter in their educational adventure. She fights for students who need extra enrichment or remediation so that each student not only feels successful but is successful and is positioned well to make the transition to high school. Tara values her time with students by building rapport with them and with their families to break down the stereotype that Math is a scary subject. Through a variety of teaching methods and activities, she ensures that each of her students can say “I can do Math!” with confidence. Tara makes time to sit with students and works with them one-on-one if necessary until they master a challenging equation or graph. Through dedication to her craft and by demonstrating a commitment to student success and growth, Tara has shown that she will be a fantastic educator to represent Central Middle as Teacher of the Year. 

    Central Middle is proud to honor Mrs. Tara Temple as our 2019 Teacher of the Year.  She, along with all of Parkway Teacher of the Year recipients, will be recognized at the Board of Education meeting March 13th at 7pm.  Congratulations, Tara Temple! 

    We begin our last three months of the year with a clear focus on what we would like to accomplish with our students.  They have been very steady in their desire to perform well in their academic and social development. The staff has utilized professional development days, department meetings and late start mornings to work on strategies to enhance all curricular areas, especially reading and writing.  I am pleased to say that we are on target working to achieve our goals for the school year. 

    The Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) Test in Communication Arts and Mathematics will be administered to all students in late April and early May. Additionally, our eighth-grade students will be given the Science portion of the MAP Test. MAP Tests are required by the state to help determine students’ knowledge and skills according to their grade-level expectations.  Scores on the MAP Test are also widely publicized and are the main criteria used to determine how schools and the district are performing according to state and federal standards. While MAP test scores are certainly not the only criteria for measuring student success, it is important for students to be in attendance on testing days and be well-prepared.  Please mark your calendars for the following dates:  April 30th – May 7th (EOC (End-of-Course) Testing for Algebra students) and May 1st – May 7th (English Language Arts – all grades, Mathematics – all grades, Science – 8th grade). 

    MAP Test Tips for Success

    Before the Test:

    Make sure your child is in school on the testing dates.

    Set realistic expectations.

    Have children well-rested.

    Have a positive attitude.

    Serve healthy meals; the brain needs fuel.

    Help children relax.

    Answer questions about the test as honestly as possible.

    Give plenty of hugs.


    Testing Tips for Students:

    Read directions carefully.

    Complete the questions for which you know the answers first.

    Eliminate wrong answers on multiple choice questions.

    Make sure the question number and the number on the answer sheet match.

    Pace yourself; don’t spend too much time on questions you don’t know.

    Check answers at the end if time permits.

    Have extra pencils and erasers handy.

    Wear comfortable clothing.

    Think positively and breathe deeply.                                                        


    Spring Parent/Teacher conferences will be held on Tuesday, March 5th (7-8am,) and Thursday, March 7th (3:30-9pm).  The online conference schedule opened the first of February with an eblast sent to all parents.  Please click on the link www.myconferencetime.com/parkwaycentral and take a moment to read all the instructions if you still need to schedule a conference.  Spots are going fast. If you have no pressing concerns or particular needs, you may not need a face-to-face conference.  We do offer email or phone conferences. If you would prefer an email or phone conference, please contact our Conference Coordinator, Tina Sheppard at tsheppard@parkwayschools.net and she will sign you up for your email or phone conference.  Please make sure you list your student’s name, team number, and any teacher you would like a conference with.  If you desire a phone conference, list the number to best reach you. These conferences should be completed by March 15th.  The partnership between home and school is so valuable.   Together we need to stress the importance of maintaining strong study habits when talking with students.  The encouragement you give your student is vital for success. 

    I would like to extend my appreciation to the Parent Teacher Organization for its generous support to of our school.  We consider ourselves fortunate to receive the grants provided by the PTO to benefit our students and staff. I encourage you to read about upcoming events under the PCMS PTO section in this newsletter. 

    Thank you for your support this school year.  As we forge ahead to finish strong these last few months of school, I invite your comments and suggestions.  

    I wish you a nice (warm) spring break!  I look forward to spending five days with my family, being a dad and working on a long list of “household” chores that have been neglected lately…..