About the PCH Library

  • We welcome you to your Parkway Central High School Library!


    The PCH Library is the research and intellectual center of the school and serves to enhance the academic achievement of all of our students.

    The PCH Library belongs to everyone--students, teachers, and staff.


    Use the library website to:

    • Learn about library news, events, and new books.

    • Access articles from one of the library’s online databases.

    • Access reliable online resources.

    • Find a book through the library catalog.

    • Learn how to cite resources in your writing.

    • Discover your next favorite book!


  • General Library Information:

    In order for everyone to utilize the library resources effectively, a quiet, calm environment is essential:

    • Enter quietly and sign in.
    • To maintain a quiet noise level, only those with whom you are working should be able to hear your conversation.
    • Only covered drinks are permitted. You may bring in an individual snack as long as you clean up after yourself. If you need to talk on your cell phone, you will need to take your call in the hallway, outside the library.
    • Treat library staff and others with respect.
    • If you are using sound on your computer or other device, you must use headphones.
    • Students may not use library computers to play video games or YouTube videos of a violent or otherwise inappropriate nature. Please refer to the “Parkway District Network Access Standards” in the PCH Handbook for more information about computer use.

    A student who fails to meet these expectations may be asked to leave and sent to the office of the principal on duty.  Additional consequences may result, as deemed appropriate by library staff and the administrative team.

    Academic Lab

    Obtain a green Ac Lab pass from the classroom teacher who has assigned your research project that requires library resources. The pass must also be signed by your Ac Lab teacher and brought with your regular Ac Lab pass to the library when you sign in at the front desk.


    After school library use:

    Monday - Wednesday, 2:40 - 3:30

    The computer lab in room 1001 is open Thursdays after school until 3:30.

    During after school library time, all of the normal school day library expectations still apply.

    • Students are expected to sign in to use the library by 2:40 p.m. and not leave the library until it closes at 3:30 p.m. If you need to leave earlier than 3:30, you must get special permission from the librarian.
    • Sign in on the Google Form we have provided with your full first and last name.  Please be aware that all principals have access to the Google Form and will monitor student library use.
    • Students may sit in the front areas: Forest Park, Downtown, or Central West End.  Due to supervision issues, the other library areas are not available for after-school use without special permission from the librarian.