• During E-Learning all assigment information will be available through Schoology.  Some teachers will direct students to use Google Classroom so check there also if that is the case.


    Accessing Schoology:

    1. Using your device’s browser, navigate to Google.com and click on the blue “Sign-In” button in the top right corner. Sign out of any Google accounts already logged in.

    2. Sign in using the student’s username and password.

    3. Navigate to Clever.com and click on the blue button in the top right corner labeled “Login as Student”

    4. Using the search field provided, search for the Parkway school building that the student attends. Make sure it lists “Parkway School District”, as some buildings in the search might have the same name.

    5. Click the “Login With Google” button in the middle of your screen

    6. You should now be logged into Clever and should see a page with a few various icons on it. Click on the “Schoology” icon.

    7. Select your student’s Google account.

    8. You are now in Schoology. Click on the top tab labeled “Courses” to access your student’s classes.