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The Annual Performance Report (APR) for Missouri schools

3/9/2023 -- The Annual Performance Report (APR) for Missouri schools was released earlier this week and Parkway Schools earned 86.2%. 

There is a new state scoring system again this year, so we can’t compare data to previous scores. Statewide, this year’s score offers schools a baseline pilot report.

The score includes data from a number of factors including MAP/EOC testing from last spring (2022). This is one single measure from one test on one day. It is just one of many data points we use to measure student growth and achievement in Parkway. In addition to the MAP/EOC annual testing, we also:

  • Measure and assess student growth multiple times throughout the school year.

  • Monitor student progress and help students and teachers set goals for growth.

  • Measure academic growth, but also mental wellness, confidence and how well students are prepared for career, college and life. 

  • The new scoring system does not measure these success indicators. 

While the score does not provide school districts with helpful information about how an individual student is growing and achieving, it does provide a big-picture snapshot of student performance.

  • We are proud to report that overall, Parkway students as a whole districtwide met the target or are on track in every content area that is measured by the Missouri Assessment Program state assessment.

  • In addition, data shows that overall, Parkway had average or above-average growth in English Language Arts and math content areas.