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New Emergency Response Procedures

Emergency Response Guide 11/6/2019 -- In an effort to streamline the procedures teachers and staff follow in emergency situations, Parkway recently adopted a new color-coded system of response levels. In the past, different terms such as lockdown, shelter in place, soft lockdown, lockout, etc. have been used in our schools. The new color-coded system will keep the terms more simple to remember and provide consistent terminology among all schools and buildings.

The new response levels include Code Red, Code Yellow, Code Green and Code Blue - Severe Weather.

A Code Red is used when an unauthorized intruder is threatening school safety. In a Code Red, staff initiate the 4E intruder procedures. A Code Yellow is used when an incident is occurring outside near the school that requires police, medical or fire response. A Code Green is initiated when the All Clear has been given. Finally, a Severe Weather Alert (Code Blue) is used when students and staff need to take cover due to severe weather such as a Tornado Warning.

Intercom systems in all schools and buildings have been updated to reflect the emergency response levels. Additionally, posters with detailed instructions have been distributed to schools to assist in making sure our teachers and staff know how to respond in an emergency to keep students safe.