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Health and safety recommendation updates

5/24/2022 -- The Parkway Board of Education voted on May 18 to approve the following changes to our pandemic response plan moving forward.

Starting June 13, when summer school begins, Parkway will utilize the updated CDC COVID-19 Community Levels to determine face covering status in schools.

Parkway will take the following action when St. Louis County is classified as:

  • Low (Green):  Face coverings optional
  • Medium (Yellow): Face coverings optional
    • If there is an outbreak at an individual school, masks are required for 14 days.
  • High (Red): Face coverings required

St. Louis County is currently at a Medium (Yellow) level.

CDC Community Levels are determined by hospital beds being used, hospital admissions, and the total number of new cases in an area. For more information and to see the current level for St. Louis County, click here.