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Sharon Lenger Farley

Sharon Lenger Farley: PAA board member since 1994

High School: Parkway '65

Professional Affiliation: Retired Registered Health Information Administrator; worked for Mercy Healthcare (15 years) and SSM Healthcare (20 years).

Family: Michael S. Farley (spouse), Gregory Farley, Geoffrey Farley, Gabrielle Farley, Scott

Hobbies: Quilting and crocheting, crafts with grandchildren, traveling to visit children/grandchildren who all live out of state.

Other Organizations: Loving Stitches, which is a group that knits, crochets and sews items for charities; Scarecrow Creative team for the annual festival in Eureka, Mo.

Why do you want to be a part of the PAA and serve on the board? I am proud to be a graduate of Parkway High School! I enjoy being a part of the group that promotes fellowship among other alums and provides opportunities for programs for current students and faculty.

PAA Leadership Roles: Coordinator of the Varsity Group (Parkway alumni who have celebrated their 50th reunion year); organized the anniversary celebration of the First Day of School at Central Middle, and the PROM for the Varsity Group. Provides support to many PAA programs and occasionally fills in for the board secretary.