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Liz Kriegshauser

Liz Kriegshauser [Secretary to the Board]: PAA board member since 1994

High School: Central '79

Professional Affiliation: President/Founder of Great Adventure, specializing in assisting individuals, families, businesses and community organizations in the process of identifying and mining blind spots to create strategic advantage and allow them to pursue a higher quality of life and a lasting legacy. Our work focuses on the economics of abundance, human performance and the question, "If you could change your life to be any way you want, how would it look?"

Other Organizations: YouthBridge Community Foundation board member

Hobbies: Creating great adventures with family and friends, including St. Patrick’s Day festivities, 4th of July picnics, Elks Club steak nights, float trips, hiking, an assortment of sporting interests, and other social activities

Why did you want to become involved with the PAA? To encourage communication among alumni and foster programs that serve and support the Parkway community, and to make a positive difference for fellow Parkway PCHS Class of 1979 classmates, PAA alumni, PSD students, PSD staff, PAA staff, family and friends!

PAA Board Leadership Roles: Current PAA board secretary and governance committee chairperson; former PAA board president, chairperson of the Parkway Golf Tournament (10 years), chairperson of PAA Trivia Night (3 years), celebration committee chairperson (3 years); and ongoing volunteer for many other PAA programs and events.

Contact info:, (314) 275-7439