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Pamela Schuler [PCH'72]

Moved to Florida in 2006 to be close to my parents. I retired from the University of Florida in 2016. Got bored and took a part time job back in St Louis. Its a bit of a commute from Gainesville, Fl but have enjoyed seeing old friends, family and patients who have grown up and now are amazing adults. I have also enjoyed being able to go to hockey games. I am working at Cardinal Glennon Childrens Hospital as a pediatric pulmonologist. Since my job wasn't looking like it would be short term and I had a Blues season ticket, I bought a condo in Shrewsbury. Its easy to get to work and I have a place of my own when I am in St Louis. I spend a little less than 6 months a year there. My permanent address may be in FL but St Louis is still my home!