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Patricia Morgan-Davis Samoylova [PNH'74]

A 20-year military career (attained the rank of Master Sergeant, E-8) in the Missouri Air National Guard was followed by a career with the Federal Government. This involved a move to the New Orleans area working for Minerals Management Service--renamed the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management as it is known today. As an Environmental Protection Specialist in the Environmental Operations Section providing scientific expertise supporting the Gulf of Mexico OCS NEPA requirements for oil and gas Lease Sales, Coastal Zone Management Act, Marine Minerals Program management, environmental consultation requirements and the Environmental Studies Program. I am responsible for preparing Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments, Categorical Exclusions and other appropriate environmental reviews for Exploration Plans, Developmental Operations Coordination Documents, Development/Production Plans and Geological and Geophysical survey permit applications as well as Applications for Permit to Modify, Pipeline Permit applications and Structure Removal Permit applications. Work closely with science analysts to develop conditions of approval and to monitor their effectiveness. Due to the pandemic, I am remote working at my future retirement home in the Pensacola, Florida metro area. I enjoy being with family, gardening and outdoor activities.