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Congratulations 2020 Parkway Teachers of the Year

District teachers of the year 2/12/2020 -- Ryun Deckert, a math teacher at Northeast Middle, is the 2020 Parkway District Teacher of the Year. He is also the Middle School Teacher of the Year (pictured top).

Lindsay Corsale, a first-grade teacher at Mason Ridge Elementary, is the Elementary Teacher of the Year (pictured bottom left).

Lindsey Perkins, a business teacher at South High, is the Parkway High School Teacher of the Year (pictured bottom right).

All the Teachers of the Year will be recognized at the March 11 Board of Education meeting and on April 20 at Parkway’s Appreciation Evening event.

The elementary, middle, high school and district teachers of the year are selected by a committee comprised of former district-level teachers of the year.

The Parkway Alumni Association is the sponsor of the Parkway Teacher of the Year program and awards each teacher with a crystal apple and cash stipend.