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Parent survey information

9/18/20 - On Thursday, September 17, you received an email for each child in your family asking you to confirm your choice for in-person or virtual learning. At this time, we are hopeful we can provide in-person learning for the second quarter, which begins October 27. Our goal is to provide at least two days of instruction at school for all PreK-12 families who have chosen in-person learning. The decision will be driven by health and safety for our students and staff using the data outlined on our Community Health Dashboard.

We decided to re-confirm your selection of in-person or online learning right now knowing that you may want to adjust the choices you made over the summer. Having your updated choices allows us to accurately prepare staffing to meet the needs of all families when we are able to return.

We are providing some answers to frequently asked questions to help with your family decisions.

Where can I find more information about my learning options?
Visit our website here for details on your choices for learning.

Does my choice apply to the second quarter only or for the entire year?
We are assuming your choice for In-person or Virtual Campus applies to the remainder of the school year. However, if your choice is not working for your child at some point during the year, we will accommodate requests for changes to the greatest extent possible. Please note that multiple changes between Virtual and In-person cannot be accommodated in order to provide staffing and guarantee class sizes.

What should I consider when making this decision?

  • If you choose In-Person, your child will follow our In-Person plan here. If you choose Virtual Campus, your child will continue online learning. Please visit this page for differences between current distance learning and Virtual Campus. 

  • Our goal is to keep as many students as possible with their current teachers. It’s important to know some students may change teachers both for in-person learning and for Parkway Virtual Campus. 

Can I switch between In-Person when the district is on a full-time schedule and Virtual when the district is on a blended schedule?
We recognize that some families may prefer In-person at some times during the year and Virtual at other times. We must ensure class sizes and teacher assignments are as consistent as possible for students. Multiple changes for many families throughout the year does not ensure this consistency for students and families. Therefore, if you choose the In-Person option, you will remain on that schedule. If you choose Virtual Campus, you will remain assigned to Virtual Campus.

I did not receive or lost the survey emails?
Survey emails and links are unique for each student with specific data for that child. If a parent needs the email/survey re-sent they can email

What should I do before I complete the survey?
The survey emails were sent to all parents/guardians in your household. Please discuss your decisions as a family before responding to the survey to avoid changes or errors in your response. In order for us to develop your schedules for the second quarter, please complete the survey by September 23.