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Central High's Christine Stricker named West Newsmagazine Teacher of the Year

6/3/2022 -- Christine Stricker, Central High English language arts teacher, was named West Newsmagazine Teacher of the Year. Stricker was nominated by four of her current students.

"I am nominating Mrs. Stricker for Teacher of the Year because of the impact she has had on me over the past three years in her journalism classes. Mrs. Stricker has made her classroom a second home and I know I am always safe in there and every day I walk out learning something new. She makes class fun and enjoyable while also helping each student find their niche in journalism. I have learned more in her classroom about myself as a student, friend and person that has shaped me into who I am today and has helped prepare me for my future." - Brooke K.

"Personally, I feel there are two parts of education: the content and the connections. Mrs. Stricker fully embodies both of these. She teaches content in a way that is engaging and contextualizes it to let us see the importance of the topic in journalism. But what makes her stand out is her as a person. She is the kindest and most caring person on earth. She always knows when something is wrong and goes out of her way to make everyone feel welcome. Mrs. Stricker is the best teacher ever."
– Matthew B.
"Mrs. Stricker goes above and beyond for her students. She manages all of our broadcast, newspaper, and yearbook staff and makes sure our issues are always perfect! She cares for her students and is invested in them growing as people and writers; she's focused on more than having her students obtain a grade. She is fully invested in the future of PCH and of her students!"
– Sophie S.
"Mrs. Stricker teaches all the journalism courses (newspaper, yearbook, broadcast, and convergence journalism) and though it is a lot of work she is always eager to work with every student. She really values having a connection and relationship with her students and she works so hard to help us produce our yearbook, newspaper, and TV segments."
– Kayelyn T.