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Parkway School Board election results

4/3/2024 -- Unofficial election results show that Matthew Schindler (top right) and Kevin Seltzer (bottom right) were re-elected to the Parkway Board of Education. The board members will be sworn in at the next Board of Education meeting on April 11.

More information about Matthew Schindler and Kevin Seltzer can be found here.

The school board election results are (in order of how names appeared on the ballot):

Matthew Schindler – 28.94% (7,442)

Kevin Seltzer – 26.87% (6,909)

Todd Williams – 16.34% (4,202)

Stacey L. Myton – 12.43% (3,195)

John Tettinger – 15.42% (3,964)

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